Non-Resident Nepali Identity Card

The Non Resident Nepalese (NRNs) residing in the United States of America and in the countries accredited by this Consulate can apply to the Consulate General of Nepal, New York to obtain the NRN ID cards. They can also apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kathmandu for their NRN ID.

The NRNs willing to obtain NRN ID cards have to register their names by providing their detail information as prescribed in the NRN registration application form. The NRN registration application form can also be used for NRN ID card application. The application forms for Non Resident Nepalese and Nepalese Citizens Residing Abroad are available online to download.

How to apply for NRN ID cards?


More information can be found in Non Resident Nepali Act 2064 Non- Resident Nepali Regulations 2066